Delivering powerful empowerment to the community

Expanding the health front

TBZ over the years has played a role in ensuring that it identifies health care facilities and/or individual health care providers to provide friendly HIV/STI services to the Transgender and Intersex (T & I) communities. From its inception, the organization has also been documenting violations towards Trans & Intersex persons in health settings both public and private and the organization has been using this data to inform its interventions Zambia.

Youth empowerment training through sports

Transbatu Association Zambia has has realised that Gender dysphoria, depression and anxiety have been the most common issues that are faced by the trans and intersex youths in Zambia. which in most cases has led to alcohol, drug abuse and attempted suicide for youths. To curb this problem TBZ has recognised sports (Football) as a recreational activity that may discourage, alcohol abuse and also help the youth develop their football talents

We are here to serve you

TBZ is an organization that the see's importance in serving the transgender and intersex community by providing tailor made services to assist in the raising awareness on issues to do with HIV and sexual reproductive health and rights as well as aspects of general wellness such as psychosocial support.

Our quest is to be the vehicle of education and an advocacy body that acknowledges, accommodates and mobilizes relevant and effective information provision services to equip and give the Transgender and Intersex community in Zambia a safe and friendly Voice and Forum TBZ.